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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Private Dick

Private Dick

This private eye pictorial is famous among LDM cognoscenti. Produced in October of 1996, two months after LDM's 18th birthday, this pictorial was called Linsey For Hire in the April 1997 edition of SCORE. It was eight pages, contained 17 photos and was the closing layout of the magazine, a space traditionally saved for the powerhouse model of the issue. Published in the magazine, but missing from the 92 photos here, is an extreme close-up of her tongue touching the cylinder of the revolver. The cover featured LDM stripped to bra, panties and heels. This highly collectible edition is sold out of the LDM Store but can probably be found in used magazine stores and websites, and on eBay. There's footage of this caper on the video Linsey Cums of Age, not yet available on DVD. The complete version is in the Video section if you haven't seen it. Click here to see it.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey: Red Top

Linsey: Red Top

Recent exploration of several cases of photo sets have uncovered a few London-produced pictorials of LDM in the late '90s that have never been posted on LinseysWorld. The treasure trove includes a duo with now-retired mega-buster Tawny Peaks (a set we thought might have been lost) and a set with Russian Kathy aka Katarina-Nikita, who isn't especially busty but is very sexy nonetheless. LinseysWorld will begin posting these sets in November, '07.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Skirtspotting


When Linsey Dawn breaks out her tasty little plaid skirt, look out! School's out! This week is about how hot Linsey gets in the shortest skirt possible. A teeny weeny skirt over white cotton knickers should not go to waste, so get behind Linsey Dawn and show her how hard things can be. How hot she gets is evidenced by the fact that Linsey Dawn did not stray far without grabbing something long and hard and meant to probe pussies. Linsey has her huge tits to rub and that shiny pink button to work while riding that vibrating gizmo of hers into a McKenzie frenzy. In "LDM In The News," Soccer Six celebrated its 10th anniversary at Leeds United's Elland Road Stadium on Sunday, 16th May 2004. Soccer Six is a major event in the music, sports and celebrity world. Linsey was part of the TV and pop celebrity group for this event which raises money for the Prince's Trust and Give A Child A Chance charity.

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – New Year’s Sweetheart

New Year's Sweetheart

G.M. of England writes "Even if Linsey hadn't made her cock-hardening Maximum Insertion DVD this year, I'd still have voted for her despite the stiff competition. Last year was a travesty when she didn't win. In my humble opinion she has been the number one model for so many years, from her gorgeous body to her fun personality and presenting skills, she deserves to be recognised as the greatest natural ever by finally winning the SCORE Model of the Year contest!"

D. writes "Linsey never quite makes it despite being the most hard-working (any pun intended) model on the web. Her output is prodigious; no other model churns out 70+ new photos every week and then gives her fans a monthly video as well. This year has to be her year and that is why I nominate, and vote, her as SCORE Model of the Year."

R. writes "No contest, my boob loving brothers! It has to be The Natural! Miss Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Linsey is simply the sexiest, horniest, most insatiable woman on planet Earth! Linsey's performances in Maximum Insertion were mind-blowing! Linsey has the perfect package. She is so beautiful and she proved in her threesome that she can fuck till kingdom come! How she has never won this award is one of life's great injustices. Linsey rules, my friends!"

Happy New Year, LDM!

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